It’s London Fintech Week from 6th to 13th July, and there’s a blockchain hackathon next weekend. So I’m brushing up on my Ethereum skills with an Udemy course on building a game with Ethereum.

I’ve done a workshop on Solidity before, with the Blockchain connector, so this is a refresher course.

It’s early days, and the course is currently focusing on creating a simple Solidity contract.

First impressions: I’m not used to being specific about versions in the code (with the pragma statement). With Java, the dependencies tend to be given in build configuration, so changing the version of a dependent library can change your code if method signatures change. Making versioning a compiler issue makes the dependency explicit, and allows the introduction of breaking changes.

Solidity looks like Javascript with types, and trailing function qualifiers. A bit like Go, but types still have the identifier before.

function getMyBoolean() public view returns(bool) {

uint256 largeNumber;

That’s as far as I got today … writing initial code and becoming re-acquainted with Remix.

I also adding sharing buttons to this blog, I’ve been nurturing the peas I planted in the garden recently and went to a fabulous Gospel performance this evening with a local choir, and visitors from the London Community Gospel Choir, with Bazil Meade.