If you’ve read my earlier post on writing every day, you may have noticed that I didn’t post anything yesterday. Part of what I’m doing here is thinking about process, observing how I work, and then sharing that.

I didn’t post anything when I attended the hackathon either. That was a full-on weekend.

What happened yesterday?

Whether I post daily, and what I post, shines a light on my ability to produce something meaningful on that day, and also highlights what else is going on. Yesterday my energy was lower than usual in the morning and I deviated from the usual routine (getting up an hour earlier than I used to, and reading, or journaling). On Monday it was busy at work … moving desks, lots of noise. I stayed in the evening for longer than I needed to because I didn’t feel that my day had been productive. The colleague on my current project comes in later and works later.

So I worked for an hour and a half longer than I needed to at the day job. I started a blog post on the train and then got home. Had a call about the next phase of our hackathon project, something to eat and spent time with the family. By that time it was late.

I can see those extra one or two hours in the day are important, and that I need to manage that time to keep shipping something every day. If When I do that daily it will accumulate.

When it comes to writing, I need to create a shitty first draft earlier in the day to give my subconscious time to improve it; and to be deliberate about how I’m spending my time during the day, how to start it, and take into account energy levels during the day.