This blog may not be for you*, if …

You want a blog on only one subject because it’s too time-consuming having to read the posts first and figure out whether it’s a topic that interests you.

Reading about someone balancing constraints of work, family and other projects to make positive change doesn’t seem that relevant to you.

Maybe you don’t want to read about someone who’s fairly advanced in their career and isn’t a “successful” entrepreneur yet.

Perhaps you’re earlier in your career and you can’t see how my experience of freelancing in different companies could help you.

You’re not clear on the theme that relates the books I’m reading. (Summaries could be useful, though?)

If I write about growing up without a dad, how could that be turned into something positive? Maybe you also grew up without a dad, or distant from your parents, so you know what it’s like and you don’t need another perspective.

If you have plenty of your life ahead of you and you don’t feel any urgency to figure out what is that thing which your unique blend of experience and skill means you should be doing.

You don’t want to read someone blathering on about empathy. Sounds rather wishy washy. How is being empathetic going to help you?

You don’t see yet what the writing here can offer you.

I haven’t built a successful company, as far as you can tell.

You know that mental health is an issue for some people these days, but it doesn’t affect you or your family.

You don’t have any interest in using technology to solve problems, and you don’t have children who might want to learn those skills.

* This post is to help me be really clear on who it is for, so I can develop those themes in my writing.