Four years ago we moved from the nearby town to a semi-rural setting. Our broadband now comes down a copper wire through the trees, which is just about quick enough for Netflix. Until the pit where the wires are located down the end of the road filled with mud, and then the speed dropped to 90’s dial-up modem levels. There’s more wildlife here (hornets, nuthatches, bullfinches, badgers), we notice the seasons more, and the garden warrants a petrol mower.

Here’s an update on what I’ve been working on since my flurry of posts in July:

  • I took part in the altMBA for the second time (altMBA22)

  • I started reading Body of Work by Pamela Slim. I’m now in a study group with some of my altMBA friends and we’re working through this chapter by chapter; writing, giving feedback on each other’s work, and reflecting on what we notice.

  • I read Cal Newport’s Deep Work

  • I made progress in The Marketing Seminar

  • I started The Bootstrapper’s Workshop

  • I finished reading a review copy of Seth Godin’s This is Marketing

  • I participated in the Call for Code and met some very interesting people doing important work

  • I’ve been working at the Trainline since April, and am now happy to be building a part of the system that will enable travellers to see upcoming disruptions in the app

  • I’m listening to more podcasts, including Big Questions with Cal Fussman and Seth Godin’s Akimbo

  • As I work in the Data Engineering team at the Trainline I’ve been thinking more about data, and attending meetups with DataKind

  • I’m spending more time on JavaScript and ClojureScript, and attended a workshop on Progressive Web Apps in Norway with Maximilian Firtman

I’ve been at capacity for the past five months and this has made me more conscious of what I say yes to. I’m starting to see that I have more space to write again. My priorities are currently:

  • Doing enjoyable work during the day that has an impact
  • Completing Body of Work with my study group
  • Progressing the project I’ve started in the Bootstrapper’s workshop
  • Writing regularly

The focus of this blog will continue to be on the work I do, what I notice, and the things I learn; with an eye on using technology to have a positive impact. And showing up regularly.

Thank you for your attention.